Real Estate Development

Designing and developing property programs in Europe

A thorough, proactive and local player

We support our investors in the residential and service sectors with their real estate projects throughout France, and soon in Spain. We undertake asset enhancement promotion operations to increase the value of managed assets by:

  • Renovating and restructuring assets to reposition them in the marketplace
  • Seeking added value through the extension and creation of space on existing assets
  • Converting real estate assets to better respond to market developments

With over 20 years of experience, the Inovalis Group remains vigilant for the best opportunities within European neighborhoods with high value-added potential, aiming to design buildings that reflect its ambitions and those of its investors.

Present across the entire real estate value chain, Inovalis provides comprehensive and optimal solutions to challenges related to the transformation of territories, offering high value-added turnkey solutions.

The Group relies on strong internal expertise and partners with renowned co-developers to address the challenges faced by its investors across all asset classes.

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Inovalis' expertise is embodied within the full range of real estate operations

Supporting our investors

Offering guidance on alternative promotional strategies

Developing investments

Generating opportunities for land investment and undertaking turnkey real estate projects

Rehabilitating assets

Handling major restructuring, renovation, densification and asset conversion projects

Joining forces

Collaborating with fellow real estate operators on co-promotion projects to leverage our collective skills and select the most suitable expertise

A promoter and much more

The expertise of a multi-trade and multi-product player

Inovalis builds each of its real estate programs on commitments shared by all stakeholders: architects, construction companies, investors, users, elected officials, and partners.

We develop projects in the service, housing, and serviced residences sectors, leveraging the Group’s expertise and collaborating with renowned partners to meet the needs of investors and various stakeholders. Our holistic approach allows us to intervene from project management assistance to the turnkey delivery of complex multi-sector projects, tailored to diverse uses and territories.

Inovalis addresses investors’ challenges with comprehensive solutions that create value and ensure success. The experience and expertise of the Group’s talents across the entire real estate value chain make Inovalis a premier partner for investors. Over the years, Inovalis has cultivated a unique, high-performance model based on a multi-business approach.

The implementation of these skills, combined with the collective commitment of the Group’s experts, drives a unique and innovative value creation process.

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Conflicts of interest

Inovalis’ global compliance system includes all the appropriate policies, procedures and tools aimed at detecting, managing and minimizing any risk of non-compliance with legal and regulatory obligations professionally supervised by the supervisory authority to which it is subject. In this context and in order to manage the risk of conflict of interest, Inovalis has adopted a procedure that defines the measures for detecting and managing these conflicts and applies the rules of integrity defined by the professional code of ethics for OPCIs.


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