Investment Management

Identifying, analysing and negotiating

An understanding of the issues and an increased knowledge of the markets


Through its agility and expertise in global markets, Inovalis provides informed recommendations to its investors. Inovalis’ investment principles are guided by the search of unique opportunities to generate qualitative returns, going from market analysis with a relevant risk/return ratio adapted to each investor’s strategy, until the transaction is negotiated and completed.

Inovalis implements a global presence based on a strong knowledge of international investment markets and of the group’s flagship markets where it is based. Thanks to this proximity, it develops various pan-European expertises, such as acquisition, financing and management professions.

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Sourcing & Deal Analysis

Identifying and selecting investment opportunities; defining the strategy and setting up the business plan

Due Diligence & Negociation

Providing commercial, technical, environmental, fiscal and financial analysis and negotiating the terms of the acquisition

Structuration & Financing

Researching and negotiating funding


Setting up structures, signing contracts, calling in funds and financing ; transfer of ownership

Investment Management

A global management of investment life cycle

We bring our knowledge and expertise, defining a turnkey real estate investment strategy adapted to each type of investor. Our ability to source off-market properties in all the countries where we invest, combined with the different areas of expertise within our group, enables us to manage every aspect of investments in the most integrated and harmonious way.

We rely on current real estate trends, particularly at the local level, to ensure that our investors receive a profitable return on their investment. Our main objective? To secure investments and create value, by identifying and seizing opportunities, while taking into account our investors’ constraints.

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Inovalis is a portfolio management company approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers ( under the number GP-100009 for the management of OPPCI and real estate investment advice. The OPPCI managed by Inovalis are reserved for professional investors and are not actively marketed. The information contained on this site is intended solely for documentary purposes on the activities of Inovalis S.A. and the companies of the group; it does not refer to the OPPCI managed or to the investment in these funds and does not constitute an offer to subscribe, investment advice, recommendations for transactions in financial instruments or advertising aimed at investors, regardless of their category of membership. The information contained on this site should not be considered as authoritative, or as a substitute for the personal judgment of Internet users. For any financial product, high potential returns come with high risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and there is a risk, if any, of losing the amount originally invested. For more information, please consult the legal and regulatory notices.

Conflicts of interest

Inovalis’ global compliance system includes all the appropriate policies, procedures and tools aimed at detecting, managing and minimizing any risk of non-compliance with legal and regulatory obligations professionally supervised by the supervisory authority to which it is subject. In this context and in order to manage the risk of conflict of interest, Inovalis has adopted a procedure that defines the measures for detecting and managing these conflicts and applies the rules of integrity defined by the professional code of ethics for OPCIs.


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