Inovalis is a leading European privately owned company specialised in real estate and financial investments.

Our Subsidiaries

Advenis is an independent group that ambitions to become a major player in the production, distribution and management of real estate and financial assets.
Serving an institutional and private clientele, Advenis has developed a renowned technical expertise in tertiary and renovated residential real estate. It has also built in finance a unique pole of knowledge in asset allocation, long only and absolute return.
Advenis main business units are Advenis Real Estate Solutions, Advenis Investment Managers and Advenis Gestion Privée

Advenis Investment Managers (AIM) is the financial assets management arm of the group. The fund manager was created by Advenis in 1997 and is approved by the French Regulatory Authority (AMF). AIM has developed a unique pole of expertise in asset allocation, long only and absolute return asset management. It manages today 400M EUR of assets and a range of 11 mutual funds. AIM also enjoys a significant and recognized expertise in the field of residential real estate assets to be rehabilitated. AIM manages 6 real estate regulated investment vehicules (SCPI). 

The REIT is an unincorporated, open-ended real estate investment trust established in 2013 pursuant to the Declaration of Trust under the laws of the Province of Ontario. Shortly following the closing of the Offering, the REIT acquired an interest in a portfolio of income-producing office properties previously being managed by Inovalis. This portfolio consists of six properties in France and four in Germany comprising 1,448,798 square feet (134,598 square meters) of gross leasable area. The REIT engages Inovalis to provide strategic, advisory, asset management, project management, construction management, property management and administrative services necessary to manage its day-to-day operations.  

Since 1933, Advenis Real Estate Solutions (France), the business unit that includes the form teams of Adyal, has been a major, independent player for real estate services dedicated to businesses and public buildings. With 27 locations in France, it advises more than 400 clients for more than 1,000 Property Management assignments, coordinates and controls 1,500 sites, equaling to 12,000,000 m². Since the acquisition of Adyal by Inovalis in March 2013, the Asset Management business line has been added to the range of services, representing an essential contribution to the core business of Property Management, in addition to Facility Management and Consultancy-Transactions.  

Based in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, Advenis Real Estate Solutions GmbH provides fully integrated asset and property management services in Germany. It was founded in 2007 to offer an increased potential in providing asset management previously carried out by its mother company. Since 2009, it has also been delivering a customized service, tailored to the needs of their clients and their properties. Providing investors with a more efficient structure and a full range of new diversified services, this externalization is one of the most important contributing factor to INOVALIS’ tremendous growth over the recent years.

Advenis Investment Advisors assists international Investors throughout the entire buying process, from deal sourcing to closing and beyond. It adopts a taylor-made approach to meet the long-term financial strategy of its clients.

Advenis Investment Advisors provides international market expertise and local know-how in order to target, negotiate and react efficiently. Its ability to think both centrally and locally, strategically and functionally, clearly makes its difference.

Advenis Gestion Privée is the subsidiary dedicated to the wealth management of private investors. With over 50 000 clients and client centres in 22 French cities, Advenis Gestion Privée is today the largest independant network of private banking advisors in France. The financial, fiscal and real estate solutions proposed by Advenis Gestion Privée are developed and selected in open architecture in order to meet the private investors’ objectives and needs in a global and comprehensive manner.

With this subsidiary and dedicated on-site experts in America , INOVALIS has created a platform offering to its clients new investment opportunities in the Retail Real Estate Market of Florida. The team based in the USA has 30 years of comprehensive experience in managing and developing specific retail centers for the Florida Market, as well as the capacity to evaluate and manage all aspects of retail centers. As of August 2013, Inovalis USA has acquired a commercial center in Martin Downs County in Florida for a Purchase Price of $9.5 Million. 

The INOVALIS subsidiary in Asia is a platform that offers investment opportunities to its clients as well as raises capital for investment in Europe and the US. The on-site team of experts has 20 years of comprehensive experience in Asian real estate and capital markets including capital raising, investment, and development.

In 2009, INOVALIS established the subsidiary INOPROM as a real estate development company to answer the ever growing needs of expertise, redevelopment, repositioning real estate asset. INOPROM takes part of each step of real estate programs. Today, development concerns approximately 100,000 sq.m for €170 million of development cost. This development consists of answering the needs of different market (residential, commercial and retail) in turn of renovation, refurbishment, conversion. INOPROM acts as an advisor, a real estate operator and development manager.