Inovalis is a leading European privately owned company specialised in real estate and financial investments.

Property and Facility Management

Our Property Management team manages one of the most significant and diversified property portfolios in Europe, we serve a diverse range of customers in both the private and public sector such as Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, Gaz du France, Sparkasse, Paris Police Department.

Our company is involved on a regular basis in supporting the Asset Management branch in decisive medium term and long term strategies: Holding strategy, development and Value Added. Our teams have acquired over years of experience, different skills in tenant management as well as administrative and legal management.

The Property and Facility Management service relies most importantly on a precise technical maintenance, expenses and costs control, and lastly optimization of revenues. Over the course of many years, our teams have developed technical skills and a knowledge base in dealing with complex situations. We provide operational consulting for facilities management and integrated management of real estate and user services.

Total Square Meters Under Management