Inovalis is a leading European privately owned company specialised in real estate and financial investments.


Advenis Gestion Privée is dedicated to the wealth management of private investors.

Advenis Gestion Privée develops for its clientele a comprehensive range of financial, fiscal and real estate solutions. In order to meet the investors’ objectives, the private banking teams assemble products and services selected in open architecture to in-house products developed in niche markets.

Wealth Management Products and Services include :

  • Life Insurance
  • Stocks and Funds portfolios
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Mutual Funds (SCPI)
  • Advisory services
  • Tax Planning

The Relationship Managers of Advenis Gestion Privée are wealth management experts, regularly trained and committed to serve their clients’ needs on the long term.

Advenis Gestion Privée‘s patrimonial offer is also distributed to the private banking clientele of large banks, family offices or insurance companies. A dedicated « Key Accounts » team within Advenis Gestion Privée is in charge of accompanying the sales process towards our partners‘ clients.


  • 20 years of experience in private banking
  • Largest French independant network
  • 22 clients centers
  • 50 000 private clients