Inovalis is a leading European privately owned company specialised in real estate and financial investments.

Key Facts

Inovalis specializes in Real Estate Funds and Investments, Financial Assets Management, Real Estate Services and Wealth Management. Inovalis develops investment vehicles and provides advisory services for institutional and private investors.

  • Established in 1998 in Paris by three Associates still running the company
  • EUR 7 billion real estate and financial assets managed thanks to a fully integrated offer of services
  • Over 500 employees operating from Europe, America and the Middle East

Our Services


Inovalis has more than 15 years of experience in real estate investments. We have invested over multiple economic and property market cycles, through capital market downturn and improvement, consistently strengthening relationships with our clients.

Inovalis Real Estate Funds Manager strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance and best-in-class service to a diverse client base, which includes governments, financial institutions, corporations and family offices worldwide.


Advenis Gestion Privée is dedicated to the wealth management of private investors.

Advenis Gestion Privéee develops for its clientele a comprehensive range of financial, fiscal and real estate solutions. In order to meet the investors’ objectives, the private banking teams assemble products and services selected in open architecture to in-house products developed in niche markets.

Wealth Management Products and Services include :

  • Life Insurance
  • Stocks and Funds portfolios
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Mutual Funds (SCPI)
  • Advisory services
  • Tax Planning

Advenis Investment Managers (AIM) is the financial and residential real estate assets funds manager of the group.

With approx 400 M EUR financial assets under management, 11 mutual funds, 16 fund managers and a total staff of 31, AFIM has developed a products range answering the needs of its institutional and private clientele.

AIM has built a unique pole of expertise in asset allocation, long only and absolute return asset management. The asset manager keeps a « boutique » positioning eager to welcome and incubate young talented fund managers with expertise in niche markets.

AIM also enjoys a significant and recognized expertise in the field of residential real estate assets to be rehabilitated. With 5 real estate regulated investment vehicules (SCPI), AIM is a leader and very early player in this field.

Property and Facility Management

Through our subsidiary Advenis Real Estate Solutions and Inovalis Asset Management Gmbh, our Property Management team manages one of the most significant and diversified property portfolios in Europe, we serve a diverse range of customers in both the private and public sector such as Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, Gaz du France, Sparkasse, Paris Police Department.
The Property and Facility Management service relies most importantly on a precise technical maintenance, expenses and costs control, and lastly optimisation of revenues. Over the course of many years, our teams have developed technical skills and a knowledge base in dealing with complex situations. We provide operational consulting for facilities management and integrated management of real estate and user services.

  • More than 30 years of experience and expertise in Asset, Property and Facility Management
  • Comprehensive geographic implementation over the French territory and top German cities
  • In-house dedicated departments fully aligned with the clients’ interests
Real Estate Assets

Through our subsidiaries in Germany and France, Inovalis Real Estate provide specific expertise in the management of multi-leased properties and portfolios, and the capability, where required, to integrate with clients property asset management teams and their management systems. Our team works closely with asset managers, owners and occupiers, ensuring that properties are actively well managed.

  • Identifying and implementing potential value enhancing opportunities within a portfolio
  • Optimise property performance by pro-actively managing tenant mix and property dynamics
  • Managing tenants rental and annual service charge income and reconciliations
  • Finding tenants, negotiating terms and performing rent reviews
  • Managing property capital expenditure and repair programs
  • Managing supplier and utility service contracts
Investment Management

Inovalis Real Estate strives to provide expert global real estate investment solutions throughout market cycles, supporting every client's unique strategy and targeted returns through a wide range of risk profiles and geographic requirements

  • Understand client investment objectives and identify relevant assets on the market
  • Recommend and implement appropriate corporate structures and SPV’s
  • Manage the legal process from Heads of Terms to completion
  • Sourcing senior debt and bridge/mezzanine loans if needed
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Our Locations

Inovalis Real Estate Funds Manager is headquartered in Paris and has offices in multiple locations around the world.

We have 5 offices throughout France, Germany, Canada, United States and Singapore.

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