Inovalis is a leading European privately owned company specialised in real estate and financial investments.


Advenis Investment Managers (AIM) is the financial and residential real estate assets funds manager of the group.

With approx 400 M EUR financial assets under management, 11 mutual funds, 16 fund managers and a total staff of 31, AFIM has developed a products range answering the needs of its institutional and private clientele.

AIM has built a unique pole of expertise in asset allocation, long only and absolute return asset management. The asset manager keeps a « boutique » positioning eager to welcome and incubate young talented fund managers with expertise in niche markets.

AIM also enjoys a significant and recognized expertise in the field of residential real estate assets to be rehabilitated. With 5 real estate regulated investment vehicules (SCPI), AIM is a leader and very early player in this field.

Clientele breakdown